I Masturbate Because…


This post was originally shared at the Mastodon instance, Mastobate, and is re-shared here because nearly all men who attend JO clubs love masturbation (solosex), and acknowledging that what happens at jack-off clubs is a lot more than solosex, that non-penetrative sex is 100% partner- and group-sex and qualitatively different from solosex masturbation.


… I have any contact with or reference to my penis, and thereby remember what it can do. Just recalling what a source of pleasure it is capable of being is enough to spark interest in masturbating. That can be nothing more than seeing or hearing the word, “penis.” That’s how available I am to starting down the road to masturbation. It can be just taking a piss with any amount of attention (I can piss absentmindedly, like anyone can, but if I only notice the sensation in my head as the urine leaves me, that’s enough to start me down the road to masturbation).

For some reason I don’t remember, I established an early childhood sense of positivity around masturbation. I was 9 when I first ejaculated and I do remember an intense sense of wonder and new self-possession. From that day forward, I just decided that this was an entirely good thing and that I could choose to enjoy it if I wanted to (propriety permitting, of course). I just took in the knowledge that I could say “yes” to this, that it was mine to enjoy.

Of course I have a vast array of triggers, like anyone. Lots of things get me horny and I love being horny almost more than I love sex itself. I am horny waiting to happen.

You are welcome to continue the conversation by offering your own masturbation triggers below in the comments.