What to Expect at a Jacks Event

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and come to your first Jacks event. It’s normal to feel a little nervous doing anything new, especially when sex is involved. Well, we’ve all been there and with a few exceptions, we all felt that same nervousness the first time any of us walked into our first circle jerk. For the many who have come before you, that nervousness was all but forgotten just a few minutes into the event. Here’s a little info about what to expect.

Masturbation is the main activity, including solo stroking, pairs and groups of three or more. The events are fluid, with some members playing for awhile in different areas of the room and with different partners. Despite the name, a “circle jerk” rarely happens in an actual circle. Men gravitate to the connections that appeal to them and the individual tastes of every person are always honored.

Before the event, notice is sent out by email, group notifications and sometimes via social media like Twitter or Facebook. Members arrive at the venue, display their membership cards (if their club functions as a private club and uses cards) and pay an event fee to gain admittance. New members sign up at the door on the night of the event or activate an online registration. They pay any unpaid dues and event fees, receive a membership card and may then enter the event and join the fun.

Rain City Jacks also provides a 10–15 minute orientation session for every new member.

Once checked in, members undress and stow their belongings in a locker or check them with an attendant when overflow is expected. We have an ample supply of loaner padlocks available on a first-come basis. Clothes checking options vary at different clubs. The RCJ playspace is warm enough to comfortably be naked.

Before each event, Rain City Jacks members are asked to wash their hands and use mouthwash. It’s normal for members to check in and use the restroom just before or after getting undressed.

The RCJ playspace is preset with lube, paper towels, baby wipes and trash cans all within easy reach wherever you are in the playspace. Furniture is arranged to allow for a variety of positions, sitting, standing or lying down. Chairs, couches, benches and massage tables are all covered with clean, soft canvas tarps. Mattresses are covered with clean sheets.

Lights are soft and low but not dim. Music plays throughout the events. The atmosphere is friendly, sexy and warm, and members should be able to relax and enjoy themselves while being able to see easily all the play occurring throughout the space.

Members begin by strolling through the playspace and greeting each other, or by sitting down or stretching out. Many begin immediately to stroke themselves and many will very soon be stroking with other members either in pairs or groups. 15 minutes after the door opens, there will be a lot of activity in the playspace, and a lot of variety. Pairs of men will stand close to one another and watch each other intently as they each masturbate. Small groups of three or four will stroke each other and play with each other’s balls. Often, a man will lean back with his hands behind his head while several fellow members stroke his body all over, licking and and nibbling his nipples. Others will remain apart, seated or standing, just stroking themselves and watching the scene around them unfold.

Orgasms can happen at any time. Each member is in charge of his own body and gets to decide when he wants to cum. He may squirt his load in just a few minutes and leave the event, and he may orgasm repeatedly over the full 3-hour period. Most will edge for an hour or two, have one big orgasm and then depart during the second hour, but every event is unique and has its own rhythm and pace.

When men cum at an event, they shoot on themselves, on the canvas coverings or on the floor. The club also allows its members to ejaculate on each other, but only with explicit permission. The phrases, “Cum on me” or “Can I shoot on you?” can be heard, and ascent is usually granted. “Yeah, squirt on me.” The club rule is that no member may cum on another without explicit permission.

After an orgasm or a round of orgasms by a group, members naturally reach for paper towels and baby wipes and wipe up.

Non-alcoholic beverages are provided free of charge, as is a variety of fresh fruit and light snacks. Alcoholic beverages and drugs (including poppers) are not permitted. If a member needs to loosen up before an event, it is our right as adults to enjoy a drink if appropriate. Please do not come to any event drunk or stoned. Obvious impairment is not permitted and you may be asked to leave or not allowed to check in.

Likewise, it is just common courtesy that you also brush your teeth and gargle before a circle jerk. Same goes for showering if you’re a little overly-funky. A little manscent is nice, but a little goes a long way in a crowded playroom full of naked men jacking off and breathing heavily. mouthwash and mints are also provided.

If you’re even slightly sick with any bug that may be contagious, do not come to an RCJ event. Take it easy and sit this one out. This includes a cold or flu, but also a herpes outbreak or skin infection. Ask your doctor about the symptoms of a staph infection and do not come to an event if you have any suspicious boil, wart or lesion. Instead, contact your doctor immediately and get treatment. Come back and enjoy the club when you feel better.

We do not consider HIV a communicable disease in the context of club events. The Code of Conduct renders the virus virtually non-transmittable. Since all members follow the Code, it is astronomically unlikely that HIV will be transmitted at an RCJ event. We encourage members to consider anyone they play with to be HIV positive and play responsibly at all times, inside and outside the club.

New members show up and fill out the enrollment form and membership agreement, and they show a legal ID to prove their identity and age (we require that every member be at least 18 years old to join the club) and then make pay their first annual dues payment and pay the event fee. That new member the receives their RCJ membership card, granting them access to all RCJ events for a year when paying their appropriate event fee.

About 10% of our members identify as straight. 65% identify as gay and another 25% identify as bisexual. Kissing and more intimate sensuality in addition to masturbation is allowed. Some guys like to kiss, some don’t. We all learn how to be aware of and sensitive to each other’s preferences and boundaries and to gravitate to guys we naturally connect with.

Never pressure anyone who indicates that they don’t want to do something. You don’t want to be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do so treat every individual with respect. Never just grab a guy’s dick without his permission and never force someone to touch your dick. Unwelcome aggression is grounds for suspension or revocation of club membership.

So what’s okay other than JO? It is a JO club after all… Nipple licking and sucking is allowed, self-jacking is allowed, ball-play is allowed. C2C is allowed (rubbing cocks together) and lots of sensual touch.

Lube is provided in the form of Albolene, an oil-based makeup remover that liquefies at body temperature. The lube is portioned into small containers which sit in bowls distributed liberally around the play space. There are also many rolls of paper towels for wiping up cum and lube. Unscented baby wipes are also provided for fast clean-up at the end of the night. Used paper towels and baby wipes should be deposited in the many trash receptacles placed around the area.

What’s not allowed? No fucking, no sucking, no anal contact at all, including anal self-stimulation (for health reasons). Basically, no lips below the hips and nothing goes inside anyone. So, for example, it’s okay to touch, squeeze and stroke another guy’s butt, but the fingers may not make contact with the anus.

We are self-policing, but when members violate the Code of Conduct, they get a warning and if they continue to disregard the rules, they are removed from the event immediately and their membership may be terminated on the spot. There are always several club staff and officers present at every event.

As play progresses, and long after the nerves have disappeared, guys will start to cum. You may freely shoot your load on the floor or on yourself. We generally discourage shooting cum on other members, but it is not a hard-and-fast rule. We do allow members to ejaculate on each other, but only if your buddy indicates a desire. You may shoot on his legs, chest or stomach. Avoid getting cum on anyone else’s cock, ass or face. It is always okay to shoot on any surface that has been covered for that purpose. After shooting a load, it is customary to clean up the cum from bodies and surfaces. Generally, several members will be right there to help.

You may want to rest or stop for the night or play again. It is not uncommon for guys to cum two, three or more times in a single event. Many guys cum once and some don’t cum at all. The events are not about cumming, but about the experience that usually leads up to it. It’s up to each individual to stay or go at any time.

Talking in the play space is okay, but we all need to exercise discretion. If guys are being sexual nearby, don’t be a distraction. Speak quietly. The events are very friendly and sometimes anxiety is managed by talking. It is a matter of common courtesy that “chatter” be kept to a minimum if anyone is playing within earshot. Avoid having a conversation in any room where there is play going on. Move to an unoccupied area and speak softly so as not to break the energy in the playroom. Generally, the refreshment area is okay for conversation, as is the area outside the entrance. Let everyone have the space and time they need to enjoy themselves: Please keep talk to a minimum. Save it for the afterglow party.

There are a few brief phrases and signals we use as a club:

  • “No Thanks” means, well, no thanks! If you don’t want to do something, that’s what you say to respectfully express yourself. Don’t be cruel or disrespectful and if someone says “No Thanks” to you, accept it and move on.
  • “Stop” means something very specific: it means, “I’m about to cum and I want to hold off.” Some guys will say it over and over, all night sometimes, and edge to an explosive orgasm. if someone says “stop,”do so INSTANTLY and wait. It’s totally up to each person to cum whenever they want to or wait as long as they want to.
  • “Ouch” or “Ow” usually means someone is nibbling on a nipple too hard. Take it easy. Ouch can also mean someone is being leaned on, crushed or just got stepped on. Be aware of your surroundings. It can get crowded in the playroom.
  • “Break Time” means someone needs a breather and will step out of the action for a few seconds or minutes.

At the end of the night, the host will come around and gently let any remaining guys know that it is time to pack up and head home.

Whenever you’re ready to call it a night, you can head to your locker to retrieve your stuff and go back to the “real world.” If you made a new friend or three, you can trade contact info before you depart.

Often, a group of Jacks will convene at a local pub after an event for a little “post-penis meetup.” It’s a good way to connect with your new friends and talk about the event you all just experienced, It’s generally very friendly and low key (since everyone is pretty spent at that point anyway). But even if the club isn’t formally suggesting a gathering place, our members frequently will head to one of the many local hangouts on their own. RCJ really does function as a social club and we’re usually pretty relaxed and open to conversation after all the seed has been spilled.

And that is how it all works! All that’s left is to find out for yourself what it feels like to join a real jack-off club.

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