Reframing Masturbation

What makes group masturbation more exciting and satisfying than we may imagine?

Seattle has lots of great resources, both natural and human-made. One of these resources is kind of rare outside of a few bigger cities, a genuine jack-off club. Jack-off clubs offer a particular, intimate social experience for men: group masturbation.

It sounds simple and in many ways it is. Since our sexual awakening, nearly everybody masturbates. Men learn through experience what our penises can do and how. Most of us continue to masturbate through our lives but a familiar aspect of masturbation is the secrecy and stigma piled on this most commonly practiced sexual behavior. From very early on, we get used to hiding it, particularly in the USA.

Rain City Jacks is one JO club that understands how a lifetime of hiding our boners from each other just makes it more eхciting when we finally get to drop our pants and expose our hard dicks, get to witness a very private act displayed openly, proudly. At JO clubs, men are naked and aroused together, spreading our legs, stroking our cocks, letting our cum fly while our fellow men witness and stroke and ejaculate along with us, sharing not just the sight but the sounds and scents of manly masturbation. In a world of virtual connection, this is a very, very real thing.

And not just self-pleasure but mutual touch. If we desire, we have ample opportunity inside Jacks events to touch and stroke our fellow men’s cocks, feel their hands stroke and milk our own, share access to each others’ pleasure simply, safely and directly, without the fraught complications of romance, apps or cruising rituals. This is friendly, truly recreational mansex.

It’s an incredible release of long-held restriction that takes something we once thought of as very simple, basic and familiar, and reframes it as the wildly hot, transgressive and masculine sex that it is. 

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