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(Originally posted in RCJ Update – March 2019)

They’re on to something and they know it. Major online media has gotten wind of the truth that one needn’t be gay to enjoy a healthy portion of manual male bonding online and IRL.


It started with SLATE’s article, Helping a Brother Outthe piece that alerted the world to the fluidity of men who bate with men and sincerely identify as straight. Anyone who regularly attends Jacks knows that orientation is kind of a moot point when connecting as we do is going on. It’s a hard concept for many to grok, made clear in the comments section of QUEERTY’s follow-up piece. It’s a fun read, whatever your take on the phenomenon but if you attend Jacks anywhere, you can rest assured that one of the guys attached to the perky peen you’ve been enjoying is more hetero than you’d ever suspect.


Now comes GQ with Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs, a wide-ranging (if directed at a naive readership) exploration of the phenomenon of straight-but-not-narrow bate buddies. Paul Rosenberg, founder and ops manager for Rain City Jacks is interviewed and extensively quoted in the piece and our club got a lot of attention. The RCJ web site has blown up with a record increase in views starting the day the GQ article was published (and after Queerty once again piggybacked on a big source of clicks).

And then came our friends in the UK (always up to acknowledge what we in the US find so shockingly newsworthy) with its own recap of the other articles, again drawing heavily on the Rain City Jacks web site. Read Why More Straight Men Are Visiting Masturbation Clubs on their web site.

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