Men Jacking Off Together in Seattle

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What is Rain City Jacks?

Rain City Jacks is a traditional jack-off club, a fun and relaxed place where men who want to simply get naked and stroke with other men can do so privately and comfortably, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, politics, beliefs, sexual orientation or physical ability. Any man who wants to masturbate with other men and agrees to adhere to our Code of Conduct is welcome and treated with respect.

How much?

Membership dues are $30 for a year or $5 for a 30-day trial membership. Each event is $20.

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What kind of guys?

All kinds of guys including guys like you. Members are a very diverse mix of ages and body types and we don’t discriminate. Every event is an unexpected mix of older and younger guys and everything in-between.


What to expect

There’s no quick way to express this- here are two blog posts you may find relevant to the subject:

“I just had a fantastic time at Rain City Jacks. On the chance that other guys might have similar concerns about attending an RCJ event, I’ll describe what I found there and why I’ll be going again.”

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“So you’ve decided to take the plunge and come to your first Jacks event. It’s normal to feel a little nervous doing anything new, especially when sex is involved… Here’s a little info about what to expect.”

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Code of Conduct [Brief Edition]

  1. Masturbation only.
  2. Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything.
  3. DO: Masturbate self, show off, watch, touch others with consent.
  4. DON’T: Oral sex, anal contact, docking or anything without consent.
  5. Everyone strips naked or to underwear, a jock or T-shirt.
  6. Cum verbally, with words. Get consent before cumming on others.
  7. Ask First. Say “May I?” before touching another member’s penis.
  8. Maintain confidentiality.
  9. Never disclose anyone else’s identity.
  10. Never attend when sick.
  11. Never bring alcohol or drugs and don’t show up intoxicated. No poppers.
  12. Be clean. Wash hands. Use mouthwash. Do not wear fragrance.
  13. Chat quietly. Don’t distract others with loud, unsexy talking.
  14. Silicone wrist bands are consent shorthand. Red means, “Don’t touch my dick.” Green means, “You may touch my dick without asking first.”

The complete Code of Conduct is here.

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