Rain City Jacks (“RCJ”) is a private club governed by a set of rules that define how all of its members interact physically and socially in the context of the club. This includes all club-hosted events and group communications. All members and prospective members must read, understand and agree to adhere to these rules.
RCJ events are designed to be socially, emotionally and legally safe. To this end, every member agrees to understand, observe and maintain these rules. Because we value the club, and because we all understand that these rules make this unique experience possible, we are largely self-policing, though club volunteers are empowered to enforce the rules and intervene when necessary.


Like all true jack-off clubs, sexual activity is strictly limited to masturbation and mutual masturbation. Oral and anal sex are never permitted at RCJ events. Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything.

2) PERMITTED PLAY (by mutual consent)

  • Self-masturbation and consensual mutual masturbation
  • Erotic and friendly touch
  • Showing-off and watching (no touch)
  • Parallel penis-to-penis masturbation (“C2C”)
  • Frottage (rubbing bodies together)
  • Oral contact above the waist only (kissing, nipple nibbling, etc.)


  • No insertion (nothing goes inside anybody’s anything)
  • No anal contact (never even touch any butthole, including your own)
  • No docking (foreskin sharing)
  • No oral contact below the waist (no lips below the hips)
  • If you don’t have consent, you may not touch another member.


Minimum participation is stripping to a single article of underwear, a jock or a T-shirt. Hats and fetish wear and gear are always permitted, and some themes will invite specific clothing. Always use footwear and never wear anything that might tear or cut skin.


  • Warn verbally before you ejaculate. Don’t just breathe heavily. Say it out loud with words.
  • Ejaculate on yourself, the floor or any canvas-covered surface.
  • Explicit, mutual consent is required before ejaculating on others.
  • Always thoroughly wipe up semen from the floor.
  • Never allow semen on anyone’s face or anus.
  • Avoid aggressive or prolonged urethra play.
  • No ingestion of semen is allowed.


Consent is required before touching another member’s penis. This also applies to kissing. Remember: every person is in charge of their body. You own your body as does every other member you encounter in the playspace. Always ask before touching someone who hasn’t given consent. Be prepared to say “no” and always take “no” for an answer. Never press the issue. We treat each other with mutual respect and human dignity, like brothers.


Never, at any time, disclose any member’s identity to anyone, either inside the club or out. Ever. What you do here, who you see here, stays here. Violation of any member’s identity is grounds for termination of membership.


Do not attend an RCJ event if you have or suspect that you may have a disease you can spread to other members in the course of an event. This includes common colds and flu, herpes outbreaks and staph infections. HIV is not considered communicable in the context of club activities. HIV-positive men are welcome to join the club and participate in events in accordance with our rules, as there is no evidence of transmission of the virus through mutual masturbation.


Never bring recreational drugs or alcohol of any kind to RCJ events, and do not arrive at events intoxicated. Intoxicated members will not be admitted or may be ejected from events. Problem behavior will result in termination of membership. All group jack-off events hosted by Rain City Jacks are designated alcohol- and drug-free. “Poppers” are not permitted.


Your body and hands should be clean when you attend an RCJ event, with teeth brushed and fingernails trimmed short and smooth. Take care of bad breath and excessive body odor before entering the play space. The club provides mouthwash and hand soap at all events as well as antibacterial moist wipes. Start every event with a trip to the washroom to wash your hands and use mouthwash, whether you think you need it or not. Do not wear any fragrance to RCJ events.


Excessive chatter is discouraged during events. Quiet talk is okay, and hot talk is welcome at any volume. “Conversation” is another matter. Be friendly and sociable, but don’t distract others in the playspace. If you’re asked to lower your voice, do so.

You are welcome to talk to fellow members about sex play that is not permitted in RCJ events. For example, while oral and anal sex are never permitted in the club, you can talk about it during the event as long as your fellow members don’t mind. Be yourself.


Silicone wrist bands are offered at all events as an option for any member to use if he chooses. A RED wrist band means “don’t touch my penis.” A GREEN wrist band means, “anyone may touch my penis without asking first.” No band means ask (see rule 6). This consent shortcut must be 100% honored by every member at all times during every RCJ event. Silicone bands are available at all events and can be found on the central lube station table.