Health Policy for RCJ Members

Updated November 18 2022

Vaccination Policy

Effective November 18, 2022, Rain City Jacks does not require members to be vaccinated for coronavirus or monkeypox. We feel that everyone who can be vaccinated for these serious diseases seek vaccines out and follow recommendations of the CDC and King County Public Health.

Why the Change?

For monkeypox, we have simply seen a sustained drop in cases (link) plus a large number of our members have already obtained vaccination, and there is no standardized proof of MPV vaccination in place, rendering “proof” impossible to require.

For COVID-19, we recognize, as do public health authorities, that the great majority of people have either been vaccinated or already infected and recovered, and most likely, both. We further recognize that this puts the risk of serious disease far lower than it has been in the past, again as evidenced by public health dashboards.

Also, it’s important to note that jack-off clubs are not an “essential service,” regardless of how valuable our members may hold them. The only organizations currently requiring vaccinations are essential services related to public education and healthcare, and even there, there are vast exceptions.

Finally, it is well established that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. Those who should avoid congregate settings—either because they work with those at increased risk or are themselves at increased risk—should avoid congregate settings regardless of the vaccine status of others. As you may already know from personal experience, one can get all the shots and still get COVID. The great benefit of vaccines lies in their significant protection from severe illness and death.

For these reasons and more, we made the decision to end the requirement of vaccinations. We are sad that some members may leave the Jacks as the result of the change and we accept that this is necessary as we move forward. Although the Jacks welcomes all adult men who desire what our community offers and embrace our Code of Conduct, RCJ is not the right choice for some men, just as eating shellfish or nuts is the wrong choice for those with severe allergies.

These diseases have served to remind us that while the Jacks may welcome men who desire the experience we offer, we are still not for everybody. We will continue to offer a community to those who both value the experience and have nothing preventing them from enjoying it.

Membership Agreement and Waiver

Effective October 1 2022, a new participant waiver is required before admission. This includes legal affirmation of agreement to never attend any Rain City Jacks event while potentially infectious with specified diseases including COVID-19 and monkeypox. Other diseases will be included, but we do not restrict admission to anyone who carries HIV or the endemic HSV-2 and HPV viruses, as long as they are asymptomatic.

The Waiver Spells it Out

To participate in Rain City Jacks events, you agree to not attend events when you are sick, when you’ve had a positive test for COVID or monkeypox, when you’ve been recently exposed to those diseases or when a doctor tells you to isolate or limit contact with others. It even lists symptoms to watch out for.

LINK: Read the waiver and sign if you haven’t already done so.

Get Vaxxed!


If you can safely be vaccinated and have not yet received your monkeypox vaccine, it’s up to you to get the shot(s). In King County, Washington, follow this guidance:

• Contact your healthcare provider. 

• If you don’t have a provider or health insurance, you can contact Public Health’s Access and Outreach program, 1-800-756-5437 to be connected to a medical provider.

• The Sexual Health Clinic at Harborview is also vaccinating people who are eligible for vaccine. Contact Public Health’s Public Information Call Center at 206-477-3977 to check availability and eligibility.

source: King County Public Health


Initial courses of effective vaccines and updated boosters are now widely available to the public. We urge you to get yours as soon as you are able by talking to your healthcare provider, calling your public health authorities or visiting your local pharmacy. If you’re not sure where to get your COVID-19 shot, check this official vaccine finder website.

Thank You

Rain City Jacks is its members and volunteers. We thrive and endure because of your support, and because we all value the club’s unique culture. We look forward to the future and thank you for helping make us all we are, just by being part of our community.

Always take extravagantly good care of yourself.

RCJ policies are subject to change without notice. Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our general mailing list. Please direct questions to RCJ through our Contacts page.