RCJ volunteers stay and play without paying event fees.

Rain City Jacks is Volunteers

Rain City Jacks is a 100% all-volunteer organization. Our whole business model is designed to keep the club operating, improving and serving the community while staying affordable. Our all-volunteer structure supports those goals. We’re so grateful to all our members for attending events, spreading the word and helping build us into the Gold Standard jack-off club we are today simply by joining and playing, but volunteers are the members who make it all possible.

We need more volunteers now. Members help us set up the playspace, greet, enroll and check-in members, orient first-timers, refill water coolers, pick up supplies, clean up the playspace when it’s time to go home and support the club as board members, social media influencers, web developers and more.

Volunteers Attend Free

Every Rain City Jacks volunteer gets to stay and play for free at any event he volunteers for. Some guys earn an additional free pass to future events (like guys who work the door, orientation or the clothes check while everyone else plays). Volunteers who do substantial work outside events earn free admission to any RCJ event they attend. That includes web developers, database managers and social engagement volunteers.

Volunteers Connect

It doesn’t take long for a volunteer to realize that he’s part of something bigger than himself and that we make friends when we work together, just like anywhere else. It’s not obvious at first, but volunteering is just a great way to feel connected.

Monthly ops meetings and twice-yearly socials, complete with food and drink, help volunteers build deeper connections and everyone has direct input on every element of club operations.

Volunteers are Rain City Jacks

Without the men who operate the Jacks, we don’t exist. We are all guys who just love what the club offers in male connection and sexual satisfaction, and we’ve all been drawn to help keep it going and keep getting better.


  1. You must be an annual member in good standing and current with dues payments. Trial members must renew as annual members to receive volunteer benefits.
  2. You must be able-bodied, capable of moving furniture around, carrying supply bins up and down stairs without pain or risk of injury.
  3. You must be reliable and prompt, able to show up on time and understand your volunteer shift as a commitment that impacts others.

Let’s do this!

If you are ready to lend a hand, complete this form and let’s get you on the schedule. Thank you for being a vital member of Rain City Jacks!

Your legal name as shown on your government-issued ID.
The name you like to be called, your regular nickname or informal first name (like “Jim” instead of “James” or “Bob” instead of “Robert”).
5-digit Zip code where you live.
Use an account you check daily and will respond to within 24 hours.
We communicate by secure messaging whenever possible.
Check your membership level
You don't need to do everything! Just be honest about your abilities and skills and if you have time, tell us more in the Comments section below.
When are you generally available for events?
Volunteering is structured so that no individual volunteer is overworked and that means we all depend on each other to show up and do our part. We want the work to be manageable and reasonable. If any volunteer repeatedly demonstrates an inability or unwillingness to honor his commitments to the club, he may be removed from the volunteer roster. We also don't want anyone volunteering when they are sick or injured and we request as much notice as possible if you suspect you will be unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment.
Use this area to tell us more about your answers or let us know anything you want to tell us about how you would like to contribute to the success of Rain City Jacks.

What is 7+4?

Humans only!