Rain City Jacks is a traditional jack-off club: a private social organization hosting group jack-off events for a diverse membership of adult men. We provide social sex play specifically focused on masturbation and mutual touch, emphasizing fearless and open expression of male sexual energy.

RCJ was launched on June 6, 2005 in Seattle, Washington. The club was based on the Chicago Jacks of the early 1990s, who were themselves inspired by the New York Jacks. NY Jacks is the original modern JO club, founded in 1980 and still operating today. NY Jacks originated the culture of group jack-off and the universal rules of “No lips below the hips” and “Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything” that have been copied and propagated around the world ever since.

Since January 1, 2010, RCJ has functioned as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington, the only actual non-profit JO club in the world. It is a 100% volunteer-driven social organization.

The traditional jack-off club eliminates the need to cruise for sex buddies, discuss or disclose HIV status or negotiate safe sex parameters. There’s no need to find a willing host or to host strangers in order to get off with new playmates. There’s no need to drink or drug. There’s no worry about sexually transmitted infection. There’s no need for condoms or appropriate lube. There are no tops or bottoms. There is even no meaningful difference here between gay, bi and straight.

Jacks are men—genuine, sexually vital men—being naked, feeling horny and sharing the most universal sexual act of the human species: male masturbation. It is genius in its simplicity.

The JO club is social, sexual, immediate, intimate, diverse, respectful, egalitarian, fun, fair, sexy, genuine and completely satisfying. It’s a unique environment where any man may share masturbation with like-minded men; witness, facilitate and revel in every orgasm; indulge fully and shamelessly in a complete focus on the penis. The Jacks is simply the best way to experience an all-male orgy without any real downsides.

RCJ members include plenty of guys who prefer masturbation as their primary sexual expression but we are by no means an exclusive group of jack-off fetishists. We are a community of men who love all kinds of sex and honor every man’s desires, be they for men or women, for long-term partnerships, polyamory, NSA play or solosex. Our members range from the very vanilla to the utterly kinky and everything in-between. Jacks are a fantastically mixed community of authentic men who connect around the common ground of social masturbation.


To promote and facilitate group masturbation for adult men, expand our individual sexual awareness, celebrate the basic goodness of our sexual impulse, and build a culture of mutual respect and dignity among our fellows.