When is your next event?

Check the calendar! Every scheduled Rain City Jacks event is added to the online calendar as soon as it is confirmed.

Our schedule can be erratic. We skip weeks of major holidays and sometimes can’t get the space due to conflicts with other renters. Always check the calendar when planning a visit!

Where are events held?

As of June 2018, all Rain City Jacks events are hosted at Gallery Erato in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. The address is 309 1st Ave S., Seattle, WA 98104. The area is served by King County Metro, Sound Transit, Seattle City Streetcar, and Amtrak. We strongly recommend that out-of-town visitors get to us by taxi or rideshare service (Uber or Lyft).

Is group JO legal?

Yes, all RCJ events are legal. Our events are private functions of a private club, involving consensual acts between adults. We have consulted with police and attorneys to ensure that the activities of the club are in total compliance with the laws of Seattle, King County and Washington state. We strictly monitor for and do not allow alcohol, drugs, or minors at our events.

What do you mean when you say the Jacks do not discriminate?

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is one of the key factors that makes our club work. Aside from the requirement that you be an adult man (18+), we do not discriminate against anyone for any subjective trait. We do not screen prospective members on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, body type, fitness level, sexual orientation or “perceived” sexual orientation.

Why are Rain City Jacks events for men only?

The Jacks was never intended to to accommodate all sexual desires; our focus is specific: Create a space where men can jack off openly with other men. Two-thirds of our members identify as gay while the remaining third is bisexual, straight or questioning. For many gay men, the presence of women would absolutely preclude the possibility of sex.

With that said, we support sex-positivity for everyone. While we may not be the right resource for your desires, The Center for Sex Positive Culture very well might be. We encourage you to check them out.

I love the events, but they never seem to fit my schedule. Can you schedule an event at a different time?

We hear you. We’d love to have the capacity to have a 24/7 club, too. Unfortunately, the cost would be astronomical, and the group sizes would never reach critical mass.

We hope that you can find time to join us at one of our events, which we host three times a month, but if you can’t, one good option is to host your own event. Anyone can! When planning a private JO event, think of it like any social event you host in your home. Plan ahead, prepare the space for your guests and give them time to plan on attending.

You can even announce it to RCJ members through our online networks or informally at one of our events. While private events are subject to the choices of their hosts, and while you may host any event in your home that you’d like, any event announced through Rain City Jacks channels (online or at one of our events) must adhere to the spirit of the Rain City Jacks Code of Conduct.

I feel excited but nervous about attending my first event. Can I just sit on the sidelines and watch? Do I have to participate?

The Code of Conduct defines Minimum Participation as stripping to underwear. You should also be ready to be amongst other men who are masturbating and who may invite you to participate with them. Beyond that you are in charge of your own level of participation. You don’t have to touch anyone or let anyone touch you, although mutual touch within the bounds of the Code of Conduct is welcome, common, and encouraged. Your body belongs to you only, and we absolutely honor and celebrate that.

With respect to nerves, we accept that as natural for first-timers (though not everyone is!). We encourage you, when you’re ready, to come give it a try. Spend more than a few minutes in the space and we’ll bet the nerves just melt away.

What about STIs? Is jerking off with other guys safe?

There are two things safer than group JO: solitary JO and no sex at all. In the 40 years since HIV’s initial diagnosis, mutual masturbation has been responsible for zero cases of HIV infection. There is also no evidence that it is a source of transmission for any other STI, with the possible exception of herpes simplex. Per our Code of Conduct, Jacks members avoid getting semen on or near any bodily openings.

More broadly, as a sex-positive organization, we encourage all members to remember that research on HIV and STIs constantly evolves and what you knew to true a few years ago may no longer be accurate. We hope our members will make informed, thoughtful decisions about their own health and harm reduction strategies, in particular with respect to their sexual activities outside of the Jacks environment. To that end we provide resources and literature at all of our events about STIs, testing, and harm reduction.

If I enjoy jacking off with other guys, does that mean I’m gay?

About a third of Jacks members identify as something other than “gay,” so we suppose our answer would have to be a pretty definitive “no”.

Sexual orientation is a complex subject, and the social identities that go along with it are yet more complex. Our perspective is that the answer to this question is much more about how you see yourself than it is any objective definition of sexuality; you are whatever you think you are, can identify however you want, and you can come to whatever terms with your sexuality make sense to you.

Given the right circumstances, when presented with a safe environment to explore, many straight men can thoroughly enjoy masturbation with other men. It need not (and in most cases cannot) alter his fundamental sexual orientation. It’s also worth understanding that the vast majority of people fall on a continuum of sexual orientation between completely gay and completely straight. Most of us are capable, given the right circumstances, of enjoying a sexual experience beyond our natural predisposition.

How many members are at each event?

This varies, but we currently average 85 attendees at each event. Our play space can easily handle more than 100 guys. Our largest event to date drew 199 members (that was our 18th anniversary celebration).

What’s the age range of the guys at events?

Because we verify the age of each of our members based on legal IDs, we know this with some precision. Our members’ ages ranges from 18 to 88 years old. About a third of our members are in their 30s and another third are in their 40s and 50s. The average age of RCJ members is 42.

Every event is different with respect to the age and energy of the attendees, but virtually all of our gatherings include men in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties. Often, members in their sixties and older show up. If a guy is really interested in jacking off with multiple men in an informal, social setting, he’s going to find like-minded guys at the Jacks and many will be close to his age.

Where can I stow my stuff during events?

Rain City Jacks provides 100 lockers for members to stow their personal effects during RCJ events. We request members to provide their own padlocks but we also have loaners locks.

In the event that attendance exceeds our locker supply, Rain City Jacks will offer an attended clothes check to supplement available storage.

Rain City Jacks is not responsible for personal items left in lockers after the event. It is important that every member be sure to empty their locker and check to make sure they have all their belongings before the leave the premises.

What if I don’t want to play with older guys, or younger guys, or “whatever…” ?

You are not required to touch or be touched by anyone. You get to decide who, if anybody, is your playmate.

With that said, we encourage participants to use Jacks events as an opportunity to confront prejudices about age. There are phenomenally hot and erotic men of all ages there, and on more than one occasion members have expressed surprise at being ‘into’ someone (or several someones) they may not have initially thought they would be. But, if, at the end of the day, you’re not turned on by the friendly, erotic and fraternal energy of a multi-generational group, then our events are probably not for you.

I’m curious, but not ready to commit to membership yet. Can I try out the Jacks and come to an event before I join?

No. The Rain City Jacks is a private club and all events and club activities are restricted to active members only.

Fortunately club membership is affordable, available to all qualifying adult men, and may be purchased at the check-in counter at any RCJ event. We do offer a thirty-day trial membership option which is a great way for men visiting from out of town, or those who are curious but not ready to commit to a full year to attend an event.

I value my privacy and want to attend discreetly. Can I participate anonymously?

RCJ understands that every member’s privacy is very important. We want every man to feel completely safe at our events and keeping personal information strictly confidential is part of our commitment. While you may attend in confidence, we can not legally permit anonymity.

As a private club, we are required by state law to verify and keep on record some personal information of every member. Upon enrollment, every individual must provide legal name, address and date of birth, all verified by a government-issued ID. There are no exceptions.

Our policy is to never disclose any member’s personal information unless required to by a subpoena or a public health investigation; and no club member has ever been exposed or “outed” in the life of our club.

I don’t ever get to Seattle. How can I find a club like yours near me?

Jack-off clubs exist in a few places around the world, mainly in big cities of North America. All of them are run by one person or a very small group of people who sustain their clubs as a labor of love and a public service. None of the clubs have “franchises” or “branches” and for the great majority of men in the world, there is simply no club they can get to easily.

New York Jacks maintains a page of links to regional JO clubs and web sites. It’s a good resource in your search for a club near you or in a city to travel to.

Bateworld is another good resource. It is a social network for men who love masturbation and it includes many regional interest groups and individuals seeking JO buddies. Men interested in finding like-minded fellows to stroke with can search Bateworld for their city or a major city nearby and find many resources.

It remains true that very few organized, active jack-off clubs exist today. If you can access one, you should not pass up the chance.

What’s your policy on transgender individuals?

Rain City Jacks welcomes anyone who identifies as a man, regardless of physicality. The great majority of RCJ members (more than 99%) are cis-gender male and we have welcomed several trans men over the years without issue.

It is important to underscore that every member of Rain City Jacks, including any man with a vagina, is required to honor the Code of Conduct, including rules governing consent, mutual respect and non-penetration.

We do absolutely maintain our identification as a club for men. What we don’t do is define what constitutes a man. We do not permit any female-identified individuals to enroll or participate in Rain City Jacks.

Do you have a shower?

No showers. Sorry. We provide baby wipes throughout the playspace along with paper towels.