The Green Band in the Pride Flag: It’s for Nature

I still don’t know what it is, but being outdoors makes my libido skyrocket.

It doesn’t matter how long or how short a time outdoors: forty-five minutes, three hours, most of a day (well, will probably be pretty wiped out by then, but still ridiculously horny). It doesn’t matter the activity: canoeing, gardening, yard work, hiking, backpacking, camping, rugby, hide-and-seek… afterwards I’m wound up like a steampunk spring.

I don’t think I’m the only one, if videos on-line are any indication and I enjoy seeing other guys getting frisky in parks, roadsides, national forests, etc. I’ve also bumped into pairs of guys, in parks, having impromptu sex, so it’s a reality.

It does have its challenges, and foremost is the risk of being caught. That risk is sexy as all get out, too, because attached to that is the fantasy of maybe whoever catches me wants to join in. There is a fair share of that fantasy on-line in video, too, and some on-line videos where that fantasy actually happens without being staged. Unfortunately the major risk with being caught is being stuck on the sex-offender’s registry for life, and who wants to be limited in where they can live in a given county, city, or town.

What’s cool about jacking off outdoors is that it doesn’t require any coordination with someone else, and it doesn’t need anything extra. It’s one of the most convenient things a guy can do, so it’s not surprising how much I want to do it every time I’m outdoors… and I mean teenage-level-of-hormones intensity of wanting to do it every time I’m outdoors.

Is there a biological imperative to it all? Maybe. A lot of us seek out outdoors spaces for sex, whether alone or with others (er, when we’re pretty sure that we’re safe). It seems, no pun intended, entirely natural and that only offers more motivation (not like I need more!).

Now if only I didn’t keep leaving the lube at home every damn time…

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