It’s Dues Time Again!

The “Interim” officially ends February 19, 2018.


In January of 2010, Rain City Jacks launched as a brand new non-profit, presenting regular group JO gatherings at Center for Sex Positive Culture in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. The space was vast and amazing. We had an entirely separate space to set up lockers for all attendees to put away their clothes during the revels. We had great success there, putting up a couple-hundred Jacks meetups including lots of special themes and our beloved Sunday Afternoon gatherings.

During that time we enrolled hundreds into the community and established what would remain a standard cadence for us: three gatherings a month, every month. We established this cadence as our “regular operations” and it worked great for us.

Great, at least, until we got the news in early 2016 that the CSPC would be vacating the amazing space in LQA. The last gathering at the CSPC for us was on September 6, 2016.

When we shut down operations, we promised our existing membership that we would hold their place in the club and not expire their cards until we returned to “regular operations.” It was only a couple of weeks before we found the Little Red Day Spa and began presenting Jacks gatherings in that really remarkable little space.

It was less than half of the generous space we’d been used to but we adapted and set up a clothes check to replace the lockers for which we no longer had space. The landlord would only rent space to us on Mondays, but again we adapted and so did many of you. The Little Red Day Spa was always intended to be a temporary solution while we sought out a more long-term home where we could return to our three-meetups-a-month cadence.


First, you absolutely loved the space. I hear it all the time. Even though we have less space and fewer amenities, you have made it clear that you would like to keep coming back to this warm, relaxing and sexy place.

Second, the landlord has been more than happy to continue to host us for what has become over 15 months of semi-monthly events… so far.

Third, I received a report from the treasurer of the Jacks that 2017 revenue was critically low. While not at a dangerous level, we no longer have the reserves we had in September of 2016. He was very clear that we need to find a way to start collecting dues again or the Jacks will soon become nonviable.


It’s really no more complicated than simply declaring that two gatherings per month is the new normal, our new standard for “regular operations.”

Starting Monday, February 19, we will restart expiring all existing membrships, some of which have been valid over two years! To soften the blow, we are doing it like this:


All current Trial Membrships will expire on March 21. You will get one more full month to enjoy the Jacks before you renew and then, to renew your membership, you will need to pay annual dues and event fees, just as we have done since 2010.


If you paid annual dues on or before March 20, 2017, your membership will expire on April 16, 2018. You will end up with 13 months or more as an active Jacks member.

If you paid annual dues on or after April 3, 2017, we will add one month to your existing membership expiration date so you will also benefit from supporting the Jacks during interim operations.

Looking ahead, we will observe the same, established membership pricing we’ve had for eight years, just as outlined on our web site.


Your new expirations will be noted officially when you check in at your next event. We’ve already adjusted those dates in our membership database so contact us if you want to know that date. Do not mark on your card yourself. We will be updating them officially at check-in.


Trial Membership cards are made of card stock and have an expiration date of 30 days after you joined. If you’re already an active Trial Member and join on or before February 19, 2018, your expiration date is officially March 21, 2018.

Annual cards are made of plastic. If the expiration date on yours is March 20, 2018 or earlier, your new expiration date is April 16, 2018.

If your plastic card expires after March 20, 2018, we will add a bonus month to your card when you next check in.


Regular operations and regular membership terms! Trial membership may be purchased by any first-timer. After a Trial Membership expires, Annual Membership is the only option to renew. You can check out those options on our Membership page.


Next Wednesday, I’ll be posting news on just what we plan on doing with the revenue we collect from your dues and fees (hint: Every penny goes back into the Jacks) plus a tidbit about an upcoming live radio interview I’ll be giving on Brooklyn Free Radio in my new role as Official Spokesperson for! Finally, I’ll be visiting NY Jacks for their 38th Anniversary and interviewing younger Jacks members there about the future of the Jacks (including our own future).

Thanks for reading this insanely long post. I promise to try making future posts much, much, much shorter. Bate on, brothers!


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