Important Announcement: July 2016



If you’ve been to the Jacks over the last few months, you know about that big DCLU sign in front of the building. The building where we currently host our events has been sold and the property is scheduled to be redeveloped.

Rain City Jacks rents our space from the Center for Sȩx Positive Culture who have leased the buildings for over 15 years. They have to move and that means we do too.

As of this writing, we do not know where we are moving to, but our current plan is to continue to ally with the CSPC and rent space from them when they move to their new location. As an independent organization, it is possible for us to find different facilities, but we have an extremely good thing going with the CSPC. They align perfectly with our own vision and they have been incredible supporters of the Jacks since our inception in 2005.

We don’t yet know where the new location will be or exactly when we will start operations in the new location, but we do know that our days at the current location are numbered. All I can tell you for certain is that we have just five events remaining in the current location.

Only Five Events Left in Queen Anne

We will be hosting another five events at the current CSPC location. You should do your best to make it to one or more of these events while you can!

1:00 Sunday, 7/24/2016
7:00 Tuesday, 8/2/2016
7:00 Tuesday, 8/16/2016
1:00 Sunday, 8/28/2016
7:00 Tuesday, 9/6/2016 

Rain City Jacks Will Continue!

I have no intention of shutting down the Jacks. Whoever you are, whether you’ve been a member since the beginning, just joined recently or have yet to try RCJ out, I plan to keep the Jacks operating for many years to come. There may be a temporary interruption, but by the end of 2016, we will have re-established a normal schedule in our new home… wherever that ends up being.

Right now, I don’t have a lot of answers, but this is not our first move and it will probably not be our last. It’s part of being a long-lived group JO organization that if you keep going, you occasionally have to make changes. Rest assured that the RCJ board of directors and myself are solidly committed to our community and our mission. We will manage these changes and as soon as we know more, I will let you know. Watch this space!


Paul Rosenberg
Manager, Rain City Jacks, Seattle

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