This survey is now closed. Here are the results of our first survey:

Do you feel concerned about monkeypox?
(143 votes)
Yes, very concerned
(20 votes)
No, not really concerned
(145 votes)
Somewhat concerned
Total Votes: 308

When we combine “very concerned” with “somewhat concerned,” we see that a whopping 94% of our members are concerned, are taking the monkeypox threat seriously (to some degree). We think this is really good, since it means a large majority of us are likely to take steps to reduce their risk.

Have you avoided RCJ events since hearing about monkeypox?
(199 votes)
Yes, I have stayed away
(109 votes)
No, it hasn't kept me away
Total Votes: 308

We already knew this was true, and we saw it in our attendance numbers, which dropped as soon as monkeypox was reported in Washington State. Again, we see this as an encouraging indication that our members take it seriously.

Have you been vaccinated against monkeypox?
(159 votes)
(138 votes)
Yes - One dose
(11 votes)
Yes - Two doses
Total Votes: 308

Results were largely complete just three days after the survey was sent out, with 300 responses gathered as of August 23. Considering the scarcity of vaccination availability as of that date, we find it remarkable that nearly half of respondents had already received a first shot.

Do you plan to get vaccinated for monkeypox?
(9 votes)
(103 votes)
(38 votes)
Total Votes: 150

This question was only asked of those who had not yet received their first shot of vaccine. If 69% of those 52% who had not received one shot do get vaccinated, that means approximately 81% of respondents planned to be vaccinated. We further have heard from several members that the reason they are unsure about getting vaccinated at all is because they received a smallpox vaccination as children.

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