This survey is now closed. Here are the results of our second MPV survey:

Have you been vaccinated against monkeypox?
(58 votes)
(90 votes)
Yes - One dose
(46 votes)
Yes - Two doses
Total Votes: 194


70% of respondents have already received at least one shot.
24% have received two doses, up from 6% on August 19.

Question asked of those who answered “No” to the above question:

Do you plan to get vaccinated for monkeypox?
(6 votes)
(41 votes)
(11 votes)
Total Votes: 58

If these guys follow through and do get vaccinated, our membership will have achieved over 90% full vaccination at some point in the future.

Question asked of those who answered “Yes – One dose” to the above question:

Do you plan to get a second dose?
(84 votes)
(0 votes)
(5 votes)
Total Votes: 89

We continue to hear from members born before 1972 (when widespread smallpox vaccination in the United States ended) that they are unsure a second dose is necessary, many of them getting their information from trusted healthcare resources. Rain City Jacks strongly recommends that all members, regardless of age or past vaccination, receive both doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine as soon as possible, in consideration of CDC reporting that protection from the original smallpox vaccine wanes over decades. We want all of our members to feel safe at Jacks events and not gamble on possible residual protection from vaccinations received over half a century ago.

Rain City Jacks is now projecting approximately 70% of our members will be fully* vaccinated for monkeypox before we reopen events on October 4, 2022, with an increasing percentage of members achieving maximum protection over the coming weeks and months. We are hopeful that widespread vaccination will make it possible for Rain City Jacks to resume operations in October.

Beginning in October 2022, RCJ will require full vaccination for both monkeypox and COVID-19 to attend our events. Details to be provided to our Events email list. To get on the Events email list, subscribe here.

Rain City Jacks is aware that the JYNNEOS vaccine is not a perfect solution, but reportedly provides 85% protection from monkeypox disease and infection. Find out more from the CDC website and if you have any questions or comments, you can send them to us on our Contact page. Thank you for supporting Rain City Jacks!

*”Fully vaccinated” indicates having received two doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine or equivalent plus two weeks.