All members are required to read, understand, and agree in writing to the following Membership Agreement. It can speed up the process of becoming a new member (or renewing your membership) at the club by reading it here beforehand.

By my signature below, I agree that I am choosing of my own free will, having read the Code of Conduct supplied to me and being willing to abide by the same, without exception, to become a member of Rain City Jacks (RCJ) and to grant a release from liability as set forth in detail below.

I understand and agree, in choosing to become a member of Rain City Jacks, that I thereby may have the opportunity to participate in adult sexual situations at certain Rain City Jacks Events (an “Event”) now or in the future, that I choose to attend as a member of RCJ, and that many of those sexual situations may include, but are not limited to, sexual touching, masturbation and kissing, and, although strictly prohibited under the Rain City Jacks Code of Conduct, could include oral and anal intercourse, and that I understand the nature and risk of these sexual activities.

I understand that I have the right to cancel my membership at any time upon submitting a completed cancellation form and returning this form and my membership card to Rain City Jacks and I understand that upon cancellation of my membership, I will not be allowed to rejoin as a member for one calendar year following my cancellation. I also understand and accept that RCJ shall retain the right to cancel my membership at any time, with or without cause, and I shall have no right to a refund of my membership fee if cancellation is for cause, and that a refund if cancellation is without cause is at the discretion of Rain City Jacks.

I understand and accept that trial members who enroll at the 30-day level are not entitled to any refund of charges for dues or fees for any reason and may not qualify for discounts, privileges or fee waivers granted solely to annual members. I also understand and accept that I am limited to one trial membership for life, and if I want to attend Events after my trial membership expires, I may not purchase additional trial memberships and will be required to renew my membership as a regular member, paying full, annual dues.

I hereby warrant and certify that to the best of my knowledge I have no contagious diseases or conditions or “sexually transmittable diseases,” meaning those diseases defined by Revised Code of Washington Chapter 70. 24, “Control and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases,” as amended from time to time, as a bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic disease, determined to be sexually transmitted), or that if I have or acquire any such contagious disease, condition or sexually transmittable disease that I agree to take all possible measures to prevent its transmission to others including but not limited to: not attending an Event if the disease or condition is likely to be transmittable by casual contact; and in all cases by avoidance of any person-to-person contact at an Event or otherwise likely to result in direct introduction of blood, semen or other bodily fluids, into the eye, an open cut or wound, or other interruption of the epidermis.

In consideration of my being permitted to join Rain City Jacks, I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless all individuals in any way involved in or participating in RCJ or in arranging these Events and including in this regard any corporation, its agents, heirs, suppliers, legal representatives and assigns, those for whom it is acting or those acting with its authority and permission, affiliates, distributors, subsidiaries and advertisers from any and all liability arising from my participation in any activity that occurs there, including sexual activity, even if I, as a member or participant, contract a contagious disease or other condition or a sexually transmitted disease (as defined above) as a result of my activities or attendance at an Event.

I hereby warrant that I am under no legal disability, including, but not limited to, a legal guardianship or conservatorship or other form of supervision that requires the consent of a court or another person or persons for me to attend or participate in any Event.

I hereby certify I am not under the care of a physician or other health care provider for any illness that might impair or prevent my attendance or participation in any Event I choose to attend, and that I am not under the influence of any medication or other substance that impairs my ability to understand my rights and obligations under this agreement and waiver.

I hereby warrant that I am male, and of full legal age (18 or over), and have the right to contract in my own name. I have not been induced to sign the same by any consideration other than those recited above.

Under penalty of perjury under the Laws of the State of Washington, I certify that all statements, waivers and warranties made in this release are true, and that my signature below is a true and accurate signature.

I agree that any dispute arising from this agreement and release shall be resolved through mediation, or if that shall be unavailing, by arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association in an arbitration proceeding conducted in King County, State of Washington. The prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of its reasonable attorney fees and costs by the arbitral panel.