Three Steps to Membership:

  1. Complete this enrollment form!
  2. Sign the RCJ Membership Agreement & Liability Waiver!
  3. Show up at Rain City Jacks within 30 days to activate your membership!

All personal information is confidential and used only to administer your membership. We never disclose personal information except by enforceable legal action. We care about privacy as much as you do.

PAY NOTHING NOW. Membership dues and event fees are paid in person at your first event.

30-DAY TRIAL MEMBERSHIP is $25 ($20 event fee + $5 trial dues). Trial Membership is non-refundable and only available one time, exclusively for first-time members. After Trial Membership lapses, you can only renew as an Annual Member.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP is $50 ($20 event fee + $30 regular dues). Annual Members are eligible for event fee discounts.

Got questions? Contact us! Ready to enroll? Let’s go!

IMPORTANT: Enter your details carefully and accurately. All information must match your photo ID or we can’t activate your membership.

After you click “Sign Up!” you will go to our Membership Agreement and Liability Waiver form. You must read and sign that document to complete enrollment!