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Once you’re finished and submit the form, you must verify your identity in person at the check-in counter at an RCJ event and tell us if you’re joining us as a Trial member or an Annual member. We recommend that first-timers choose the 30-Day Trial option. You can only do that once, but it’s the best, low-cost way to find out if the Jacks is right for you, and we want our members to love it.

Your personal information is confidential and used only to administer your membership. We never disclose personal information except by subpoena or other enforceable legal mandate. Everyone who runs the Jacks cares about privacy as much as you do, and we are all members too, just like you.

Once we verify your identity, you’ll pay $20 for a 30-Day Trial Membership, or $40 for Regular Annual Membership. That amount includes your dues plus a standard $15 event fee. Paying your dues activates membership and allows you to participate in events.

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